Surprise effect is a performance crew that’s comprised of both acrobats and breakdancers


Our story start in the street between street show and breakdanse battle. Now we are here


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the team

Multidisciplinary and transgenerational, together they representing an explosif melting.


A champion team, each members go in the same way with the same goal : To give you the most beautiful show you never seen before.


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If you have any project, we are here to help you, advice you and follow you from the begining until the end of your project.


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Vous avez une idée, une envie, …

Nous sommes là pour vous aider, vous conseiller et vous accompagner dans votre projet.


Spécialisé dans milieu urbain, venez découvrir nos différents domaine d'activité.




Your success is our goal.

We are very solicitous over your project.


We colaborate with many big brand and

these brand have faith in us.


Do like them, and opt for the only solution,

the Surprise Effect solution



Get close, come to our world. pictures, videos everything about our corporate show, workshop, street show, …


Don't be scared, be curious.





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